Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Trying to test fit everything. I just shortened the original fork, it was really easy only took a half hour, found an early XR 250 rear shock which is about 2" shorter than stock, Harley sportster headlight which is supported from the top so I don't need any clamps/brackets on the fork tubes for a cleaner look, Muffler is from a kawasaki cruiser, 18" Rims from the salvage yard powder coated black with new Buchanan's stainless spokes and IRC tires. I purchased the Tank the XR500 tank from Omar's but I fabricated the seat to fit my frame.


  1. Hi Thierry,

    I was wondering where i could find directions on shortening the fork. I'm working on an xl600 tracker project and your bike is a huge inspiration.

    Thanks. Dan

  2. hi thierry,
    very nice your bike. I would like to buy a reservoir as hold him(it) but I do not know or.
    help me please

    jean philippe 64600 anglet france

  3. Love your bike. Owned two and have one just sitting here. You've inspired me. Live in California with emission bs. Did you run into issue gutting smog junk. You said you cut forks down? How? Many more questions. I want to build you bike!

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