Saturday, February 6, 2010


Roc Street-Tracker finished 8th out of the top 11 concept motorcycles of 2009!
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  1. Congrats!! a few bikes I have built have come in first and seconds at bike shows. I have to say I love what you have done with your XL I will be going down the same road soon. Currently I am finishing a 84 xr250r.

  2. it looks brilliant! But from which bike is the little gas tank from?

  3. i would like to do this on my 2 stroke bike

  4. Hi...
    What measures were used in the front and rear wheel?
    I'm making a "XLX 350" in the same model ...

  5. Bravo pour cet excellent travail. Je serai curieux d'avoir un bilan economique de l'operation, meme approximatif. J'ai bien envie de faire quelque chose d'approchant, un peu different sur l'arriere de la moto, je ne comprend pas pourquoi les tirants arriere de la boucle du cadre ont ete coupes et remontes plus a l'horizontale, ils genaient le pot ?
    J'aurai mis une selle plate sans carenage mais c'est juste un detail personnel. Elle est superbe et depouillee ce qui l'a rend tres attirante. Bravo.

  6. Hi
    Congratulations for this realization which is magnificent and original.
    I am on a similar project and I shall like knowing the dimensions of front wheels and back and the origin of the reservoir.
    Thank you and still bravo

  7. I Love your Bike Considering pickup up a old XL600R just to follow suit.. Would it be possible for you to E-Mail me I have a Few questions I would like to go over with you I do not see answered on your blog?

    Thank You

  8. Hey Thierry. Awesome bike. I'm in the process of doing something similar. I know it's been a while since you've posted but hopefully you're still out there. How did you go about shortening your forks. I was going to just cut my springs down knowing that I will change my spring rate. Is this what you did? How has your front end reacted?

  9. Thierry, awesome bike. Now I got the Bug. What Bars did you use? How the suspension since it's been lowered?

  10. Doing something similar to my 1986 XR600R. The build can be seen at

  11. Hello
    DOminator custom number 3 is another extraordinary work!!
    Thank you

  12. doesn't anybody knows: after cut and re solder the upper part of the frame, how is the result on leg clearance in between the sit and the pegs?and on the wells do you have to re spoke the 18" rims on the original rim hubs?

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  14. Thierry, Can you please send me your email address? I have a few questions about your build if you don't mind!
    Thank you,

  15. Salut, j'aurais beaucoup de questions dans le même genre que mes prédécesseurs à te poser: c'est possible que tu me renseignes sur l'investissement final ainsi que les divers obligations à choisir pour bien commencer et surtout ne pas se tromper!! si tu pouvais me laisser ton email. Le mien: A bientôt

  16. Genial ! quelle gueule !

    Je vais probablement me lancer dans une réalisation de ce style. Juste une question, quelle taille de jante et pneu as tu utilisé à l'AV et l'AR ?

    Ma base sera une DT125R.